Saturday, 21 May 2011

Heart is beating, keep on Dating

Get involved with someone's life in such a way as coffee mixes up with boiled milk and become a perfect blend , even both individuals loses their identity and become a perfect solution of love . Closet properties are intersection of both virtues in a pair. Survival of delicate relationship is dependent on involvement of love birds. The relationship seems strong may become so delicate that it could be broken within a fraction of moment. Getting stacked together and dating regularly may not ensure you satisfactory love life. Having deep faith may ensure you better life. There should be some separations between both of them as they could feel the warmth of feelings and may determine the deep intellectuals between them.
     Boys and girls do lot of flirting, it may take you on ride of roller-coaster that should be stopped at some end of time, amusement is like bubble of water . The life period is very short but it is true that it must let you feel some moments of happiness. one should think before act on something ,  you should take proper guiding before going a head in any dating or flirting . You need professional help in this matter. Life is poetry making it melodious or boring is in your hand. Sing the song of life in good rhythm otherwise it will become boring , and unpleasant literature.
 Following tips will make love life good

1)      Be aware of like and dislikes of your partner
2)      Keep some physical intimation time to time ,because relations need some warm
3)      Clarify all misunderstandings otherwise it may take lead to broken up
4)      Share some gifts to express your feelings
5)      One partner should lead relation
6)      Understanding with each
7)   To spend a good time with each other

These are the things which are needed for a strong relation. You must we aware when you are in love with someone. Giving someone all yours Love is never an assurance that they'll love u back! Don’t expect Love in return, just wait for it to grow in their Hearts, but if it doesn't... be content it grew in yours......♥